Naniwanomiya park is secret spot in osaka for local Japanese , “Lost palace”

Hi,what’s up beautiful guys.

I’m ken. Local Japanese.

I want to introduce Naniwanomiya park,Lost palace to you.

Osaka is busy and big city in Japan.You maybe see the busy figures of Japanese people.

Have you been to Osaka castle?

There is “Lost palace” near Osaka castle.Naniwanomiya park lies in shadows.

I think Osaka castle is light,and Naniwanomiya park is shadow.

I want to write how to go to Naniwanomiya park and what Naniwanomiya park is.

I do it now (*^^*)!

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What is Naniwanomiya park ?History

Naniwanomiya palace was constructed in year 645 of the Christian era.Emperor Kotoku move the capital to osaka Nnaniwanomiya palace.

Naniwanomiya palace is finished constructing in year 952 of the Christian era,but be burned down in 686. Naniwanomiya Ruin is discovered in 1953.

Lost palace is discovered in 1953.

Now Naniwanomiya palace is re-created roughly by concrete.

In comparison with Osaka castle ,Naniwanomiya palace is Forgotten palace now.Even a lot of  japanese people don’t know the existence of Naniwanomiya palace.

The image is Emperor syomu and Naniwanomiya palace.

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Why do I reccommend Naniwanomiya park?

The area of ​​the Naniwanomiya park is 90,000㎡.Osaka city is crowded.But Naniwanomiya park is so calm that I can forget to be in Osaka city.

You maybe remenber country road.

You can enter “The Throne Room”,Taikyokuden. Emperor order in Taikyokuden.

Now Taikyokuden is recreated by concrete.

You can watch Japanese normal Life . Some japanese trained playing trumpet.Some japanese take the dog for a walk.some Japanese play baseball with his son.Some boys playing football.

You can enjoy tree climbing in Osaka.

Some japanese enjoy tree climbing.

Tree spot maybe heal your heart.

I remember Totoro ,Studio Ghibli.

How to go to Naniwanomiya park

The address is “〒540-0006 4-6 otemae,chuoku,Osaka city”
The map is here.

The train station

It is approximately 5 minutes on foot from Osaka Metro Tanimachi line ”Tanimachiyonchoume Station”.

It is approximately 10 minutes on foot from JR kanjo line ”Morinomiya Station”.

You can come to Naniwanomiya Park from Osakajyo in 20 minutes walk.

Naniwanomiya park is not Brilliant

Naniwanomiya park is not brilliant place,and so Naniwanomiya palace is Forgotten palace for Japanese people but local people.

The secret place is calm,and not crowded.

Some Local walks in Naniwanomiya park.

The country road in Osaka city.

The Woods in urbun life.

Free spot information
Fujitatei ato park is the secret spot in character in Osaka city. I feel zen .
Where is the most beautiful Japanese beach in Osaka prefecture ? What features are there?

Thank you for your reading.

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