Fujitatei ato park is the secret spot in character in Osaka city. I feel zen .

Hi,what’s up beautiful guys.

I’m ken. Local Japanese.

I want to introduce Fujitatei ato park(old fujita house garden), very characteristic park.

Osaka is busy and big city in Japan.You maybe see the busy figures of Japanese people.

And when I catch the train, I’m sick and tired of a crush.

I want forest bathing everyday.

I’m no longer satisfied with Osaka castle park.I want zen mediation in calm place .

Fujitatei ato park is the calm place and I can enjoy forest bathing near Osaka castle.

I want to write how to go to Fujitatei ato park and what Fujitatei ato park is.

Let’s shareing information with us (*^^*)!

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What is Fujitatei ato park ?History ,operating time

Fujitatei ato park was a part of sir Fujita densaburo’s mansion from year 1886 of the Christian era.

Fujita densaburo made zaibatsu of machine ,construction,railway and so on.

In 1943,Osaka city got a part of Fujita’s mansion.In 1945 Fujita’s mansion was burned down for WW2.

In 2004 Fujitatei ato park had been established and was open.

Fujitatei ato park is Japanese style park which absorb Buddism.

  • Operating time:10am – 4pm
  • charge-free
  • Non working day:December 29 – January 3 ,and the park rarely has closed days.

The Area of Fujitatei ato park is 16,000㎡.

Fujitatei ato park rule:

  • No pet
  • No bycycle,motor bike
  • No skate board and dangerous play
  • No fire works , smoking and barbeque
  • No graffiti

There is  two comfort room in the park and outside the park.

There is not a shop in the park.

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The Characteristic of Fujitatei ato park

First characteristic:calm place

Osaka is busy city. The train is crowded with people.But Fujitatei ato park is calm place which is srrounded by nature .I can forget to be in osaka city.

Secound characteristic:The concept is private Japanese garden.

The history of Fujitatei ato garden was the private masion fo Fujita-san .The concept of Fujitatei ato
park is unipue in Japan.

Third characteristic:Country road

I like country road.

This country road feel like taking me to may home.

This country road feel like taking me to my childhood.

I feel like the best friend’s calling me in my hometown.

I lose youngness in my life and,Time Fades Away but I couldn’t get the value of my youngness.I’m sorry my mom.

Fourth characteristic:Cherry Blossoms in spring and Autumn leaves

Fujitatei ato park is secret groovy spot of Cherry Blossoms and Autumn leaves in osaka city.

Fifth characteristic:Forest bathing spot in osaka city

I think Fujitatei ato park is suitable for zen and mediation.I’m finding out who I really am.

I find out myself ,I am the man of desire,prayer ,monk,and a little fighter.

Have you ever finded out yourself?

How to go to Fujitatei ato park(old fujita house garden)

The address:〒534-0026 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Miyakojima-ku, Amijimachō, 10, 網島町

The train station:JR Tozai line ”Osakajyokitazume Station”

It is approximately 1 minutes on foot from JR Tozai line ”Osakajyokitazume Station”.

You come to the Wicket of ”Osakajyokitazume Station”,and you have to go to the exit of No.3.

If you climb up the upstairs of No.3,you have to turn right.

You can find The gate Fujitatei ato park right now.

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Let’s enjoy japan.Have a nice trip.

Thank you for your reading.

Arigato gozaimasu.

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