Shitennoji temple and antique market in Japan, secret spot in Osaka ,Beautiful icon


Hi,what’s up beautiful guy.

I’m ken. Local Japanese.

I want to introduce “Shitennoji temple and antique market in Shitennoji”, very characteristic temple in japan.

Kiyomizu temple and Todaiji temple is famous in Japan ,

but Shitennoji is one of the most oldest temple in japan and antique market is held in shitennoji temple every month.

Antique market is known by only local people .I think antique market is a secret spot.

Shitennoji temple is near “Nanba station” and “Tennoji station”

Yesterday,I enjoyed Shitennoji temple and Antique market.

  • I want to share the information of easy way to enjoy traveling Osaka city.
  • I want to write how to go to “Shitennoji temple” and what Shitennoji temple and antique market is.

Let’s shareing information with us (*^^*)!

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What is “Shitennoji temple” ?operating time

“Shitennoji temple” was constructed by shotokutaishi ,Japanese prince,in year 593 of the Christian era.I think too old.

Shitennoji temple is for all branches of Buddhism in japan,because the history in shitennoji is longer than all branches of japanese Buddhism.

Operating time:

Main district(five-storied pagoda,maihall)

  • 8:30 to 16:30 from April through september
  • 8:30 to 16:00 from October through March
  • no closing day
  • entrance fee is free without special garden,Central Temple and Treasure Hall .

But other district is open all day and free.

Let’s sightseeing Shitennoji temple

Arround Nandaimon(south gate)

Let’s go into Nandaimon(south gate).

A special memorial service price is 1.5million yen(about 13 thousand dollars).Very expensive!!

One of the offering box

“Taishiindoganedo” You can ring tne bell here.

You can buy the souvenir in this shop.

I washed my hands before worshiping .

“Syotokutaishi seireiin”  worships Prince syotoku.

Main district

Central gate

  • 8:30 to 16:30 from April through september
  • 8:30 to 16:00 from October through March

Wooden statues of Kongo-rikishi

The name of red statue(open-moused) is “agyo”,阿形.

The name of blue statue(closed-moused) is “ungyo”,吽形.

The five-storied pagoda is here.

I like this photograph.

Inside of the five-storied pagoda.

Let’s go to Kondo ,main hall.

This aisle is nice design.

This is kondo.

The monks was praying in the kondo.

This drain has used since year 593 of the Christian era

Let’s go to the dragon well.

This is the dragon well.

The story tells The dragon protect the clear water.

Other free place


Rest place & Cafe


The bell house :

The story tells the soul in heaven can hear the sound of bell.


Operating time is 8:00 to 18:00

I found a good pine tree.

A lot of turtles are in the pond.

Jizo (guardian deity of children)

The statue of Shinran,the founder of Jodo shinshu sect.


“Seidaimon” ,the west big gate

Daikoku-dou,the wealth of god


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Antique market in shitennoji temple

Antique market is held on 21th,22th every month.

They sell not only antiques, but also food ,goods, and so on.

I like Okonomiyaki.

A lot of kimono is sold.

How to go to “Shitennoji temple”

From Osaka station

to JR Kanjo line “Tennoji station”,天王寺駅

You go to central exit of “Tennoji station”

It takes ten minutes walk.

Let’s go to park exit. Turn right.

Turn left and go outside .

Go down stairs toward tanimachi line.But don’t ride train.

Go to restaurant district. You go to No.7 exit.

Turn right at the corner.

Turn left at the corner. No.7 exit

Go up stairs.

Go straight the road , you can see the seven-eleven store.

If you see the crosswalk,you go  upper right diagonal.

Go straight at crosswalk .


Go straight at crosswalk .

You can find Shitennoji temple on the right side


From Nanba station

From Nanba station to Osaka Metro Sennichimae-line”Tanimachi 9 choume station”,The secound station .

Change the train.

From “Tanimachi 9 choume station” to Osaka Metro Tanimachi-line”Shitennoji mae yuhigaoka station”,The first station .

It takes 5minutes walk.

You have to go out No.4 exit.

If you go out wicket,goupper right diagonal.

Go straight to a escalator and up stairs.


If you find a cross walk ,turn left.

Go straight to the corner,and turn right.

You will find Shitennoji temple.



Thank you for your reading.

Arigato gozaimasu.

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