“Kemasakuranomiya park & beach” 15 muinutes from Osaka station and Osaka castle

Hi,what’s up beautiful guy.

I’m ken. Local Japanese.

I want to introduce “Kemasakuranomiya park & beach”, very characteristic park.

You may know Suma beach,but Suma beach is 45muiutes from Osaka city.You may have a hard schedule.

I want to share information of easy way to enjoy beach in Osaka city.

You may feel relaxation in “Kemasakuranomiya park & beach” because of the forest bathing and beach.

“Kemasakuranomiya park & beach” is near Osaka city and Osaka castle.

I want to write how to go to “Kemasakuranomiya park & beach” and what “Kemasakuranomiya park & beach” is.

Let’s shareing the information with us (*^^*)!

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What is “Kemasakuranomiya park & beach” ?What features

“Kemasakuranomiya park & beach” is open every day every time .

The area of “Kemasakuranomiya park & beach” is 16,000 square meters .

The address:〒534-0027 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Miyakojima-ku, Nakanochō, 1 Chome−10,

First:The beach,”Osaka fureai no mizube” in the park is human work.

The length of the beach is 150m-200m.

There is the beach besides river.

Sometimes the event is held in the beach as beach vollypall competition.

Secound:“Kemasakuranomiya park” is long north to south.

You can enjoy walking from 1km to 2km in the woods besides river.

The boat is floating.

I can enjoy forest bathing.

There is a playground.

Third:Suitable for cycling.

The road in the park is long more than 1km.

Fourth:No barbeque

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Four things you have to know about the beach “Osaka fureai no mizube”

①Open time:

  • 8am – 8pm (From June,1th to september, 30th)
  • 8am – 6pm (From October ,1th – May 31th)

②The sand is very comfortable. when I lie on the sand,I feel like massaging on my back.

③The water in the river is not clear

The water is a little bit green and blue.

④Don’t swim in the river.

How to go to “Kemasakuranomiya park & beach”

From Osaka station
5 minutes from “Osaka station” to JR kanjo line “Sakuranomiya station”
7 muinutes walk from the “Sakuranomiya station”

From Osaka castle
5 minutes from “Osakajo koen station” to JR kanjo line “Sakuranomiya station”
7 minutes walk from the “Sakuranomiya station”

You use the East Exit in “Sakuranomiya station”,and turn left.

And turn left if you go out the station.

Go straight and turn right at the end of the road.

Turn left and cross at a pedestrian crossing .

Go down the stairs.

Go straight about 3 minutes.

You can find out the beach ,”Osaka fureaino mizube”

Other beach in Osaka
Where is the most beautiful Japanese beach in Osaka prefecture ? What features are there?

Other free spot  
Fujitatei ato park is the secret spot in character in Osaka city. I feel zen .
Naniwanomiya park in osaka secret spot for local Japanese is “Lost palace”

There are many doves in the park.

Thank you for your reading.

Arigato gozaimasu.

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